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How does it work?

Once signed up, you get access to form where you can check up to 100 domains/submit. Once submitted, you are redirected to view results page. It might take a while to process all domains from the list.

What the result look like (photos below).

You can also download a csv file for manual check sorting/filtering.

Mass check of domains trust and spam metrics along with bunch of other metrics.

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How do we compute metrics?

We collect and aggregate data from the following apis: majestic, moz, similarweb.

List of metrics you see in the result table:

  • Spam - moz spam. This metric is generated by AI trained on dataset of sanctioned by google websites. Basically means probability % for domain to get sanctioned by google. details
  • Trust - ratio of majestic trust flow and citation flow. details
  • Organic - based on similarweb data, but mostly means trend, not precise value. We are working on getting this better.
  • DA - moz da
  • Backlinks total - majestic
  • Backlinks domains - majestic
  • External Links Propensity - moz, Ratio of amount of external links to amount of website pages, from 0 to 1. Smaller - better

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